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Originally Posted by: Amazon 

You haven't mentioned which FAQ page you read 10 times. I am assuming you live outside US.

Dear Amazon, I am outside the U.S. because i don't have my green card yet. The FAQ page i read is the F2A category FAQ and here is its URL:

Thank you for your interest Amazon. Keep up the good work please 😍

I appreciate your help. take care 😎
to be honest with you guys, after the I-130, they asked me to submit new application I-230 and asked for documents after more than four months but that was in 2012 when the F2A was not current and they were going month by month with the bulletin. and it took me until June 2013 to get approved from NVC.

I don't remember specific dates but it really took me long time and drove me crazy, especially the SPONSOR application which was submitted by my uncle instead of my dad, and the repeated requests for already submitted papers.😠

So, to sum it for you guys. It took me from Feb 2012 (when i got approved for I-130) to June 2013 to get approved from NVC. and now i am still waiting for the interview appointment.

I hope it goes faster for you guys. and i am sorry for the late reply.
Hey Amazon, And thank you for the helpful forum
I know all the F2A steps and i have DONE them all. I FILED I-130 and I GOT approved in FEB 2012 and my case transferred from Home Land Security department to National Visa Center department. They asked for some documentations and I submitted every thing they asked for. At the end they send a message saying that every thing is PERFECT and i do not have to submit any more documents and i should JUST wait until they schedule my appointment in the embassy for the interview.
I REPEAT that I got approved on my I-130 and from NVC and they send me an email saying that i should ONLY wait until they schedule my appointment in the embassy.

My question is : does CURRENT mean that they will schedule my interview appointment in the embassy in August 2013?

If ,by any chance, I was not clear in any thing, please let me know. I already READ the FAQs page 10 times and i was not able to find any relation between "Current" and "Visa interview Appointments".
I truly appreciate your help
Thank you
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