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Originally Posted by: FK 

Since your PD was January, you ll be fine.
In October the PD will go back to around November 2012.
So you guys should get the card in the next 5-6 month no matter what. At least thats what i think based on the numbers and info available at this point.
If you get the interview date in September, there is a good chance you ll get it this year.

Thank you FK for information. Did you contact NVC? How NVC contacts to us?
Originally Posted by: Amazon 

FK, Gvin, I will be adding a new blog post on NVC/consular processing soon. :)

Thank you amzon. That would be great help to us.
Originally Posted by: FK 

What are the usual supporting document that they ask for at NVC?

I guess these we will need:
-affidavit of support
-tax return copies
-bank statement I guess
-maybe a copy of a car title or any other major possession?
-do we need to send all other documents again, like birth certificate marriage certificate etc. ?

If I am not mistaken as soon as they contact us we will have to pay a fee online, send all documents they ask for, and then they will set up an interview at the embassy.
Prior to that the beneficiary will have to get a certain medical examination at an authorized doctor's office.
What about the biometric scanning? is it at the embassy on the interview date or prior to the interview?


Thank You FK. what do you think, Does this current also apply for us?
Thank you Amazon.. That means I don't have to do anything until NVC contacts me , right?
Hi amazon, is it still likely to get interview date soon since F2A is current?
My priority date was Jan 17, 2013 and I already updated GC tracker....
Hi Amazon, Thank You for your great support and thank you guys... I am the petitioner and Her case just approved on august 29 ๐Ÿ˜ . She is outside of US. Could you please suggest me what are the next things that I should be ready with? Do I need to contact NVC?
Thank You.
Originally Posted by: Amazon 

Originally Posted by: happywife 

amazon , just curious ... so happy for those approved ones... but why is it the approval is so random? bec there's still 2011 filers waiting for noa2? what's the sense of having pd?

PD is used by USCIS when VB has a cutoff date. If the category is "Current" in VB, then USCIS will process application from all years (2011 to 2013); instead of only from 2011. This may also look good in the USCIS report (that they processed cases in 2013).

Hi amazon, My priority date is jan, 2013. If uscis is processing 2011 to 2013, Is it almost sure to be approved with in CURRENT?
Hi Amzon! I read your news and it's said that "USCIS has done this random processing before (in EB2 category) and it is likely to do the same in F2A category. This also helps balance cases and looks good in USCIS reportin". Isn't it sure to get NOA2 though everything is good on my i130 of the priority date jan, 2013?
Originally Posted by: twi 

hey same here..congrats....my i-130 also got approved today....i got the same status as urs..but is the next step do u knw???
amazon pls tell me what's next..and my category is f2a..thanks
and how much does it take time to get evrything done now..?

Congratulations Twi , could you please share yur priority date, service center and Pr or US citzen?
Originally Posted by: SweSwe 

Thx FK๐Ÿ˜

Yup march 2013, lrp spouse h1b!

Keep checking I believe you'll get your approval too๐Ÿ˜

Congratulations!!!Could you please say, are you US citizen or Permanent resident? Are you through california service center? Coz I have priority date of January 2013 but still in initial review๐Ÿ˜•
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