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Any F2B applicants received choice of agent form from NVC recently? If yes, please post your priority date, just so others can keep track as to what priority date is currently receiving choice of agent forms. Also whether any petitioners have received Affidavit of Support forms here in the US?

MY PD: 20 JULY 2008
My son's PD is 20 July 2008 for the F2B category, chargeability area India. With the current PD for F2B being 1 July 2007, I would like to know when NVC might start sending out my fee bills and other documents? Can I expect to receive them over the next couple of months?

My son is an aged out derivative. The earlier PD (F4 category) was July 1996 and while the rest of the family (3 of us) received GCs in 2008, he was denied as he aged-out. We never received any letter to that effect though.

I applied for him in the F2B category and his current PD is July 2008. I have hardly seen any posts for the F2B category. Is it because there aren't many people in the queue? I read someplace that all unused numbers from the F2A category would go to the F2B category first when F2A becomes current. So do we have any hopes now?

Anticipating a positive response.


Anxious parent.

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Congrats and hope your daughter joins you without further delay. :)

My son is now under the F2B category as well. He is an aged out derivative, lost the GC by about 2 weeks when the rest of the family was issued GCs in 2008. I applied for him and his PD is 27th July 2008. Still a long way to go I guess for my son. Just hoping something magical happens.

Hope to hear from you.
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