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Hi Amazon,

I have heard I am supposed to get a conditional GC, but got the 10 year GC. Please suggest what to do?πŸ˜•

Thanks much...
Hi amazon πŸ˜„

Got approved yesterday. 10/21/2013 πŸ–

Here's my interview experience:

Appointment was at 8:45 am, we had security check at 8:15am, in Sacramento. Asked for dl at entrance, went into the room dropped off interview appointment letter. An officer came out at 8:45 sharp and called our name, he was neither serious nor friendly, I guess he was just following protocol. But he seemed a nice man πŸ˜„ . We were escorted by him to his room , stood for a few seconds while the oath was being read. Then he asked us to take our seats. Asked my passport. Took my I 94, my spouse's gc made some notes, double checked our address with us. Asked me 3 of those I 485 no questions. To which I answered no , obviously πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ . Asked us how we met, asked us if we had anything that was joint, showed him our car & health insurance was asking him if he needs more evidence he said no that's okay. Asked if we have any photos, I gave him our marriage album to which he exclaimed " these things are expensive!" I also showed him a couple of our other vacation photos... He saw and returned them saying. " I am approving your application, you should receive your GC with in 30days" we thanked him and he handed us the approval letter and walked us out.😁 that's it, all this took about 10 - 15 minutes.

A big thanks to amazon and mygcvisa. 😁 and of course the uscis officer.πŸ˜„ Just be prepared, honest and confident and it's a cake walk....

All the approved guys can write in their experience here ,if they wish to, so the other folks reading it might find it helpful.
😁 congrats srishi!
Could we also please add the interview date for family based F2A I 485 section?

Thanks! πŸ˜„
I too was pleasantly surprised. 😱 I had to look at the year twice to make sure it was september 2013 😁 and not 2012!!!

I too am looking forward to hearing from amazon πŸ˜„ . Is September 2013 likely here to stay?πŸ‘

Originally Posted by: soulmates 

I cannot help it but to feel a little somber. It seems that in an attempt to generate enough demand at NVC, USCIS has started to process certain applications randomly from the most recent cases file to generate a wave of I-485s and use up the quote.

I am very happy for those who are getting their applications approved but I feel sad that those of us who filed last year seem to be out of luck and we will see the process retrogress again. Before the F2A was set to current, the priority dates were October 2011. Hope it moves forward a little bit when they set the new date by next month.

Don't worry you guys too, might very well get your I 130 approvals and catch the I 485 train.πŸ˜„ It is still up for grabs as there is still one and a half months left (until sept 30th). Just have your AOS application packet ready so that as soon as you get your I 130 approvals, you can send them right away.

I think I read somewhere F2A may retrogress back to Sept 2012, but then again, we'll have to wait and watch.
Good Luck to all of us!

Originally Posted by: Ankit 

My I-130 also got approved under F2A category . My PD was June 2013 and case was with California Service Center. So, it appears I-130 petitions are moving fast.

Congratulations πŸ˜„

Originally Posted by: shrishi 

Originally Posted by: SweSwe 

Originally Posted by: SweSwe 

YAYYYYYYYYY!!😱 πŸ‘ πŸ– 🀣

On July 29, 2013, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I130 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR RELATIVE, FIANCE...

Wooo hooo...!

Thanks so much Amazon :))))))

Bless you and the USCIS and the whole worldπŸ˜‚

FYI my PD was march 2013. and I just checked my status online 😁 Just grateful πŸ™

Did you say March 2013? Just wondering:)

thanks all, for your wishes Hope you get your very soon approvals tooπŸ˜„

yup... you read it right I am still in a happy state of shock πŸ˜„

Later half of marchπŸ˜„

The link that I sent yesterday about uscis adjudicating the pending I 130s still holds trueπŸ˜„
Good luck πŸ‘
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