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I recently received my F2A immigration visa. With retrogression likely to happen soon, two questions came to my mind:

  1. Does retrogression affect me after the visa was issued or does it loose it's influence?
  2. Is it a problem if I travel to US just a few weeks before my visa expires (3-4 weeks before most likely) - and retrogression took place?

Thanks in advance!

I received my NOA2 on August 15 and got told by NVC that they received the petition yesterday and that it now will go through "additional processing".
Does anyone know what that means? Is it outside of the regular processing?

Thank you!
Thank you Amazon, those links are really helpful!

One question I couldn't get answered though: What time do I have to send the I-864 with all needed support documents after it got requested by NVC? Is there a response timeframe or is it not that critical? I understand this will of course delay the process, but I'm not sure how long IRS will take to process the tax return and I don't want the F2A process to fail because of this.

Thank you!

I received my NOA2 last week (only online so far) and my case is transferred to NVC (consular processing).

While I read a lot about the F2A process, I'm still not sure what happens at the NVC stage. Is it correct, that I don't do anything before NVC requests documents from me? When do I have to pay the fees? Will they requires the Affidavit Of Support immediately?

The problem with my affidavit of support is that my sponsor hasn't filed a tax return for the last year yet. There's no doubt that the income will be sufficient to sponsor me, but can you tell me at which point NVC will request the tax return receipt as proof? Can we move forward in the process without this tax return receipt at the moment?
How much time will NVC give us to provide this receipt before we run into issues?

A lot of would be great if you could help me out here. Thank you in advance! šŸ™‚
How is this affected by a visit to US through the Visa Waiver Program - Is it possible to file I-485 while being in the US with this permission?
(F2A, PD became current)

first I want to thank the people working on this blog for all the great articles they post. They are very helpful and written in a way, that people who are new to all the immigration topics ā€“ like me ā€“ can understand them easily. Thank you.

I have a question regarding the latest blog post: ā€œFB Category - Frequently Asked Questions ā€. It is mentioned, that I-485 can be filed even if I-130 is pending, once the PD becomes current. The part that confuses me is, do I have to be already in the US for this or can I also file I-485 if Iā€™m currently waiting for my PD to become current in another country (going through consular processing). Can/Should I still file for I-485 when my PD becomes current?

Thank you!
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