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Thank you. Cleared up my confusion.
My dad got his Green card 3 years ago.

I am his unmarried son of 30 years old age. I reside in Pakistan.

Here are a few follow up questions:

1. Should he file a petition for me as a Permanent resident or should he wait for a couple of more years so that he can get his US citizenship and then file it for me? Is there a difference when it comes to "consular processing" time.

2. Can he file two petitions for the same beneficiary, one as a PR and second as a US citizen later on?

3. What is the consular processing time for someone/beneficiary who is living outside USA if the petition is filed after 31, october 2013?

4. Actually, yesterday one of visa consular officers from USA embassy, islamabd hosted a live web host and answering questions related to Immigrant visas/petition.
I asked my question:

" My dad is a PR. If he files for a petition for me right now. It might take 10-12 years. Is it true? However, she said. This info is incorrect. It might not take that long. It could be 3-6 years and might be quicker if he was a US citizen". I thought I must have heard her incorrectly however I was checking consular processing time under
"check my case" status. This is the result I got : Can you explain it to me what is this supposed to mean?

1. I-130 form 2. PR resident filing for an unmarried son or daughter over 21 years old. 3. California service center.

USCIS National Goal - 5.0 Month(s)

USCIS National Average - 19.9 Month(s)

California Service Center - 36.4 Month(s)

Also, what is " Effective as of: October 31, 2013" supposed to mean?


Asad Khan

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