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Your husband is Us citizen or green card? My I-130 got approval in weeks, but some cases are 2 -3 years. If your spouse is Green card you have to wait at least 3 years on the line to visa become available
Some lawyers are bad experience. They did my case wrong way then I had to wait more than 2 years to get my GC instead of 3 months if they do the right way. No one can understand your case like yourself, Lawyers have cases to remember and they dont really know exactly your cases. Now I learn that I should discover my case by myself by online, ask my friends have the same case, even talk to many lawyers to get the correct ways. Good luck.
my PD is 09/10/2013. I dont this F2A will moving forward this year. But a great news for me is my wife will get her Citizen in this November 2014. So I dont have to worry about the retrogression
News just released that no move forward for F2A till October 2014, even retrogess to several months. For example, if your PD is from September 2013 to April 2014 you must wait at least 1 more year till 2015 to PD maybe move forward. For F2A Mexico, due to still super heavy demand, Mexico PD will be retrogess more in next several months, which means Mexico will be wait till 2016-2017 to become current. Any questions?
  Topic: I-130 dates
where you from?. If you are from Mexico, you have to wait at least 2-3 months till ur PD become current. If you are from the rest of world, you have to wait at least 1 more year. I wonder when your wife can get US citizen? its the fastest way u can file AOS
If everything is on the right way, you should get your GC in 6-12 momths if ur husnand can become US citizen
I wonder why you sent your I485 too late. If you sent in August 2013 then now you got approval. you dont need sent I485 once your I130 was approved. you can send it once I130 pending. Think about in next 2 months, PD will be moved back in few months then you have to wait more...Thoughts
Hi Amazon,
Based on GC calculator you provided and recent Statistic Blog you posted on Immigration blog, I guess F2A maybe move forward round july 2014.
My Priority day is September 10th 2013 and I guess my PD will become current in July 2014. Is this true?
Thanks Amazon for your helpful blog and answers.
Houston TX.
Hi amazon,
Due to my bad English, can I bring my friend to translate for me during an immigration interview or have to require a certificated translator?
Please give me your advice.
Thanks very much.
Hi Amazon,
I am in F2A, my I-130 was approved in Oct10 2013. My PD is Step09 2013. I have married over 2 years.
Do I need an interview with USCIS officers to get a Green Card or not?
Thank you very much for your answer.
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