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Card production ordered today... Best of Luck to all those who are still waiting.

No updates... Mine still says testing and interview.

Keep fingers crossed and hope for the best. Hopefully we hear back from them soon.
Originally Posted by: Preethi 

Hi Layla,

I had interview today , did not go well, she did not ask any think except about my H1 . she asked my why I did not renew my H1B . I told her my -485 (employment based , derivative) is pending so I am using EAD/AP . I did not know what was she thinking..she said ok then she gave me paper that says my case is pending for review and nothing required for this moment and will receive response within 2 weeks.

My doubt is, does she knows that person can stay in USA while I-485 is pending.

lets see.


Am sorry to hear that. Did they have your I-130 at the time of your interview? Hopefully you get good news in 2 weeks.
It was filed seperately @LPR filer
Originally Posted by: Preethi 


Any update on your case. I am planning to go USCIS office and will ask them to request I -130 from NVC.


No Updates. You can also call NVC to find out if it has been requested. Goodluck on your infopass
Did infopass yesterday 6 weeks after my interview (November 6th)... Dont know if it was helpful or not but according to the Lady, she said they couldnt make a decision without my I-130 file. They recieved the file on November 29th but the case hasnt been assigned to an officer yet for another review even after 21days of my file getting to their office and she doesnt know when they will get to it. I politely told her my husband and I had to spend 9 hours (both ways to USCIS office) on the road yesterday and we will like definite answers because we cant make infopasses every month until someone eventually looks at my file, she was adviced us to call their number instead, which i know i wont get any answers either. I will be surprised if i get a response in January, The waiting continues...
Originally Posted by: Preethi 

Hi All/f2acame/layla/Everest,

Pelase help me.

I am in the same situation. I am currently in USA (maintaining status) but got approved I-130 with not eligible to AOS.

What should I include in the email to NVC and also documents to attach.

should i write like"

"Request to Transfer Immigrant Visa Processing from National Visa Center to USCIS. Applicant is currently in the United States & filed Adjustment of Status."

Documents: I-485 reciept and I-130 approved receipt and I-94.

Thanks your time and help.


Your case is similar to ours. You will need a copy of evidence of your status. e.g F-1 visa, H1 approval notice or visa if you have one.

Need to include all case numbers in the email, state that you are in valid status and are eligible to adjust your status in the US. Therefore you will like your case to be processed with NBC. If you have already started your AOS process already, include that information in the email. They should send you a letter in few weeks aknowledging your email.

However, NVC will not transfer your file to USCIS until it is requested by your local office. Mine was requested on October 28th, and arrived at local office on November 29th. My I-130 file has been sitting in the local office for over 20days now with no one assigned to it according to infopass lady i saw. I am still waiting on my case to be assigned to an officer to look at it again even after interview done November 6th. Everyone's timeline may be different. F2camer, file got requested few days before the interview like mine, but was approved right away. Goodluck on your journey!
Congratulations! Everest and R&m... I have been following this thread

I had my interview November 6th, and am still waiting. Ill be scheduling an infopass by the end of this week (Dec 6th) if i dont hear anything. It will suck if we have to drive another 4.5 hrs to El Paso.

Abdul... How did your info pass go, any news yet?
Went for my interview on Wednesday, not so great. Asked us the common questions, how we met, what my job entails, date of birth and I-485 questions. She couldnt make a decision because she did not have my I-130 file despite me calling. I was told by NVC that it was sent to USCIS on October 28th. However, she made a copy of my approved I-130 and said she may be able to make an approval from this but she will have to review my file and go through all the documents again making sure we dont miss anything. If anything is wrong she will contact us in few days, if we dont hear from her in few days, we should get an approval in about 2 weeks. So the waiting continues for us!
This morning, we received an email from NVC to pay fees and fill in form DS 261. I called them once again to let them know ill be adjusting status here and also sent another email this morning. I was directed to call USCIS, saying NVC cannot transfer my file until USCIS requests for it. When i called USCIS i was told i have to contact my local USCIS office in Texas, and they have to request for the transfer

Pretty much the officer told me, i should go for my interview and after the interview the field office will request for my file from the state, which may delay approval. Another option is either to do an info pass (we live 4 hrs away from local field office) or write a letter requesting my files to be transfered from NVC to local office before the interview so hopefully someone can take care of it before then. Right now, am in the process of writing a letter and putting together documents to mail to local field office.
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