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After i-130 interview, its alrady been almost 3weeks

But no decision so i called uscis tire2 officer and they seemded like dont know detail about my case

I just wrote letter to cogress man to open case.

But not sure what will be happened.

Is there anybody who had same experience with mine?

Plz help me out or give me some advise

I know i need to wait but since i had interview whaelse they need to make sure on my application?

So hard to wait decision...

still no decision by usics.....

i think my application is on officer`s desk.. :((

i called uscis and spoke to tire2 officer, and she told me that it will tkae upto 120 days after interview...


i mean they only answer by manual....

why we pay tax for this processing?? and dont have right to konw my application process???????

i know im too negative now.. but they should konw this feeling......

too sad and senstive!!!!!

i have two stress PD retross and i-130 approval....

really hard... and finally officer told me that "im only LPR"

what is meaning of "only"??????????

cant understand!!!!

thank you for your comment Molly...

my first marriage was truth marriage, and i also showed him lease contract, 2 year tax return, car insurance, joint checking account, gym membership, utility bill, picture

whatesle i can show him??? i totally dont understand,, why because im a LPR from my ex wife?????

i dont have right to get 2nd marriage???? i totally dont understand..

this is buman being.. i have right to love someone and devorice with someone...

i will wait......

its been already 5 month since i applied my i-130

i dont really crae what decision they will make..

i will leave this country if they make bad decision for me..

im sick and tird of this country .....

thank you molly!!!

the officer never give me any positive sign... but he said happy birth to my wife.. :((

and he took all evidence from me and he said he will keep it..

but not sure..

some people get deision at that spot or after that day.. but.. mine doesnt have any sign. since interview..

so painful.. for our furture..

so sad...
as you can see, i had my i-130 interview on 10/21/2013 but i dont get any notice from uscis.. and checked online status it still says initial review..

how long i need to wait??????/

so painful... to wait decision...

plz help.. i made a call to uscis but they keep saying last event.. not about interview .....

i feel like they are playing with me...... i had so bad felling.. at their office...

he was pushing me down.. until hell..

very begging of interview, office told me that evidence is not enough and asked me bring more evidence.. but not exactly mentioned about second interview..

and end of interview, office said that they will send me a decision asap.

thats all..

hmmmmmm.... :(

i just had my i-130 interview this morning!

it was really bad :((

officer looks like middle of 30 years old spanish guy and i did all general things

first then he started asked me about my ex-wife, how i got divorced and how i met and

wanted me to show him all evidence about my ex-wife.

so i showed him, apartment contract, joint bank account, joint car insureance, joint

gym membership contract,joint 2years tax file, joint credit card, marriage pic(only 2

because i didnt keep it since i got seperated), then he said it is not enough evidence,

and he said that he will give me another chance to have interview and wanted me to get

more evidence, then i asked him what kind of evidence i must get for more detail then he said its up to you... i got really mad.. becasue there are nothing i can get more.. honestly..

then he started asking me about my current wife, like how we met, when, what types visa she had while she is in US(my wife is in my country now and we are doing consulate processing [email protected])

and i give him all answer,,, then he said say happy birthday to your wife, today was my wife`s b-day.. anyways..

then he said he will mail to me and my lawer decison soon but never said when...

do you think i will pass or not..?????

im having really hard time now...

how long it will take to get answer from USCIS????

so painful.....:(((
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