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Please email mygcvisa2 @ gmail .com (please remove spaces) for questions regarding your accounts.
Hi CAC, I have reset your password and sent a new password to the email address you had registered with. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
Originally Posted by: Swe 

Could we also please add the interview date for family based F2A I 485 section?

Thanks! 😄

Hi Swe, we have added five new columns for FB I-485 tracker and two more in FB I-130 tracker. Please let us know if there are any other features you would like to add. 😁
  Topic: GC Tracker
Hi layla, thank you for the feature request.

Yes, we will add two columns: (1) Interview notice receipt date and (2) actual interview date.

BTW, the "card production ordered" column is for GC (and not EAD/AP). We will rename it to "green card production ordered" so that it is much more clear.

Let us know anything else you would like to add. 🤣
Hey everyone, since we have visitors from over 180 countries around the world, we decided to create a different contest this time.

All you have to do is post a yummy recipe from your home country (or any other country) around the world.

Simple rules:

1. Recipes should be quick and easy to prepare. Total cooking time: 5 - 45 minutes.
2. Ingredients should not be very hard to find
3. You can post any number of yummy recipes as you want.
4. Please remember to list all ingredients and steps to prepare the recipes.


1. The earlier you post the recipe, more people can see it and vote on it (by clicking on "Thank" button).
2. People tend to vote on recipe which have pictures attached to it (instead of just text).
3. Make sure people can easily follow the steps to make the recipe. By making it easier for people to follow the recipe, you may get more votes. You can also add picture for each steps if you like.


Q. How to vote?
Make sure you are logged in to the forum. Then go to the recipe you like and hover your mouse on right side of that recipe (forum post). You will see a "Thank" button. Click on that button. Each thank you received by that recipe post is considered one vote. You can thank as many different recipe posts as you like; however you can thank each recipe only one time.

Q. How to add images?
If you have uploaded images on some other website, you can click on "Insert Image" icon when creating a forum post and then paste the link. You can also upload (attach) an image to forum when creating a post. Here are the steps to upload image:

1. Click on "Post Reply" (quickly reply would not work)
2. Create a new post and check box called "attach files to this post"
3. Click on post button
4. It will ask you to select files to upload.
5. Select all images and click on upload.

Q. How long is the contest open?
There is no end date. Please remember to vote early. This may encourage them to post more yummy recipes.
  Topic: Report Bugs
Hi Svitlana, I was able to successfully upload image on first try. Could you try again please?

Edit: I see you were able to upload files successfully. 👍
Thanks for more details. This bug only occurred when you tried to submit I-485 data without submitting Perm/I-140 data. It was a very simple bug and has been fixed. You should now be able to successfully submit the data. Thanks again 🙂
Winner of August VB contest is  twtr

Congratulations. We have sent you $25 Amazon gift card. 👍

Winner of July VB contest is  pm86 .

Congratulations. We have sent you $25 Amazon gift card. Happy Shopping 👍

July 2013 VB has been released. This thread is currently locked till we determine the winners.
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