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Originally Posted by: asghar 

Thanks Mark for your explanations,
First of all I think quatemok's date in his question is "February 2015", not "February 2014".
Anyway, according to GC calculator, next current date for F2A, with a priority date in Feb 2014 is sometime around "July 2016" - it means even from now, more than two years! - and lets say this year we do not have anything but retrogression, for instance one year. Still, with this scenario, next current date should not be this long as GC calculator's predict. Am I right? What do you think?

There is a new blog post from today, suggesting that retrogression for ROW category se the dates back to 2012. I guess it really depends on the actual numbers from various consulates.. Perhaps I am reading too much into this, but it sounded pretty vague, so it can be worse (more likely) and better (one would hope). Let's say it goes back to July 2012, it's 20 months. It starts moving forward 4-6 weeks every month, you're looking at 15-24 months till it's current if you filed today (it retrogression happened today). But.. it can move quicker, it can move slower..
Originally Posted by: quatemok 

Hello all,

I got married with a green card holder several months ago and she requested my as her husband (F2A). Our papers are ok and my PD is January 7th 2014. I check each month the visa bulletin and it is so frustrating because I doesn´t change! 😞 I want to move to USA ASAP and, I was thinking of enrolling in an MBA until I can applied the last step.

My doubts are:

1) I know that it is impossible to know exactly when I will be able to move to USA, but maybe some of you could tell me any opinion about your experience.
2) Can I enter in States with a student visa if my wife have already requested me as her husband?
3) Can I enter in States with tourist visa?

Thank you very much for your response. This process is horrible.
Best regards,

2) We did this. We figured that's the only way how to be together. Obviously, it requires your spouse to go to school and pay for it. Language schools are easier to get to, but most expensive and most restrictive about the attendance. Community colleges are better, but you need go through admission process. It has been over a year for us and my wife went back and forth a few times and never faced a problem at immigration. That being said, they can always ask since F1 is NOT a dual purpose visa.
Originally Posted by: quatemok 

Thank you amazon for your clear response.
Just one more question.

Do you consider that F2A will be current again in October 2014
Or at least until February 2014?

Thank you,

My (educated) guess is that this is highly unlikely. We'll be lucky if retrogression won't go too bad (back) in July and we'll see it moving forward again around Sep/Oct 2014. Really depends on last FQ numbers. Our PD is Sep 27, 2013 and I don't believe it will be current this year, but I can be wrong.
Originally Posted by: bina 

Hi Amazon! My pd is September 23 2013 for f2a category, when it gonna be current?how long I have to wait? Please help me. Really hard to live apart from my husband.

This is a million dollar question. Our PD is Sep 27, 2013 and I believe it really depends on how bad retrogression is going to be. Purely based on the notes from May Visa Bulletin it doesn't look very good. I personally hope our PD becomes current before I can get my US citizenship (Sep 2015), but it's a long shot. Hope for the best, get ready for the worst. Good luck!
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